Welcome to the home page of the Perlucidus Software Project Survey.

The goal of this survey is to collect information from software engineers, programmers and anyone who writes software as a crucial part of their job and to use that information to correlate information sharing practices with outcomes for individuals and projects.

This will be useful to suggest which information practices might be valuable to consider for improving personal and project outcomes. It will also shed light on which information sharing practices are correlated with diverse project teams and which are correlated with teams that are not diverse.

It is possible that through answering this series of questions you and I can help create the data needed to understand the relationship between how information is shared in software projects and how successful the project and its people are, as well as the fairness of the workplace.

Your help is important.

If you care about making the best products and services or if you care about diversity among programmers and fairness in the workplace, filling out the survey for a recent project of yours will provide very valuable information. It doesn’t matter whether the project succeeded or did poorly, whether you liked it or not, or whether you thrived or were subdued. Pick a project that you remember well and the survey will pick your brain about information practices, outcomes and events that may have occurred during your time on the project.

Your Privacy

The survey doesn’t ask for your name, but it does ask for demographic information so we can understand how information sharing practices affect people in different demographic groups. We ask you to please not include any real names of people, companies, products or services. We do not want you to identify yourself either in any way anywhere within the survey.

The site's Resume feature can send you a link to resume by email. Your email is not recorded in the survey database when you use this feature. Your email address is used only to send you the message that one time. The site does not retain your email address. If you lose the email sent by the site there is no way to resume your survey. If you use the resume feature you should delete the email when you are done with the survey. It won’t work anymore once the survey is completed so it serves no useful purpose.

In fact, if you do not return to finish your survey, the site will know it is incomplete; however, it is impossible for the site to send you a reminder about it.

The collected data will be made available to the public once enough data has been collected to show meaningful correlations, but because the survey is completely anonymous it will not be possible to identify your responses so long as you are careful not to include any information that could give away your identity.

Any responses you give that includes any kind of real, personally identifying information or the names of products, companies, services, etc, will be omitted from the final results to the extent that we can identify them. If we have sufficient privacy concerns about your responses we may choose not include any of your survey responses.

Ready to Help?

Please take this detailed, anonymous survey about a software project that you remember very well that you participated in sometime in the last five years. It should be a project you were on for at least four months, longer if possible. You can take the survey another time for a different project if you wish.

How long will it take?

How long it takes depends in part on how many questions you see, but you won’t see all the questions. The survey will automatically skip questions that wouldn’t make sense to ask you. For example, if you don’t mark the checkbox for “Other” in a list of things, the survey won’t ask you what “Other” is for you. It is possible that 10 or more questions at a time will be skipped depending on previous answers. The minimum time is probably about 30 minutes.

You don’t have to complete the survey all at one time. You can also copy a link you can use to resume your survey at a later time (or get a link by email). Please finish the survey if possible. The site does not retain enough information to remind you if you leave it unfinished. There is no way to know who you are and contact you about your survey, ever, for any purpose.

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